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10% off all coach items!

10% off all Coach items!

Visit us at http://www.shopaholic.spruz.com !

Been wanting to own a coach wristlet/wallet?
Your chance is here!

Simply go to http://www.coach.com and choose what you want.

Yes, everything is 10% off

This is the one and only sale of the year that Coach is offering 10% off!

(Don’t miss it!)

Great as a gift =)

To buy, just email us at shopaholic@singapore.com

by August 18 2008! Hurry!

Give us the following details:

  • URL
  • Name of item
  • Style no
  • Color

 Spree ending August 18 23:59
Items will be purchased on Aug 19 and shipped to Singapore
Expected date of arrival: between August 24 to 28

All coach purchase will arrive with gift receipt and bubble wrap.
Extra shipping charges applies if you want the gift box.


Happy shopping!

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